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285/35R20 100Y
Fitment and Wheel Balancing
Manufacturer's Warranty
Sustainable old tyres disposal
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The Bridgestone Potenza S007A was designed and developed to deliver the performance demanded by the most aspirational sports car manufacturers in the market.
  • Superbly precise and responsive
  • Supreme in the wet and dry
  • Enhanced braking performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Low road noise
*Conditions apply. Read full terms and conditions.
Tyre feature Benefit for you
Kevlar flipper and hybrid spiral wrap Prevents excessive movements in tyre thus increasing sensitivity and grip
Smooth Centre Rib Greater stability and instantaneous response in wet and dry conditions
Tread Block Chamfering Flatter contact area while braking, providing shorter braking distance
3D-M shaped sipes Prevents unnecessary block movement, prolonging tyre life
Optimized crown shape Maintains uniform contact pressure to road, improving tyre life

This tyre comes with

Fitment and Wheel Balancing
Road Hazard Warranty
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