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It takes a great tyre for your car to perform at its best

Tyres are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road, and so they are critical to the safety, comfort &
responsiveness of your car. While tyres may all look the same, different tyres deliver different driving experiences,
and are suitable for different kinds of vehicles. At Bridgestone, we’ve spent years researching, innovating, and refining
to deliver the best car tyres no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

If you’re looking to buy tyres, choosing the right tyre for your car can be confusing.
Read below to discover the best tyre option for you and your vehicle, with the convenience of buying tyres online.


Turanza, superior car tyres for safety & comfort. Engineered with family’s safety & comfort in mind. Image car driving through rain.


Superior safety and comfort

Featuring low road noise levels, exceptional handling in the wet, and superior grip for reliable braking, Turanza tyres are ideal for everyday use, or long road trips on the highway. Turanza has a range of run flat tyre options if you are seeking additional stability & safety for your car.

Potenza performance car tyres , the best performance car tyres for the ultimate sport performance tyre.


Engineered for performance

The Potenza tyre range is the ultimate choice for performance tyres, developed through global motorsport programs. Potenza car tyres offer the ideal mix of control, speed and stability with incredible responsiveness for optimum performance on road.

Ecopia, the best car fuel saving tyres, with eco friendly technology for Ecopia tyres. Image of car driving.


The fuel saving tyre

Our low rolling resistance Ecopia car tyres are designed to be fuel efficient without compromising on safety or comfort. Ecopia tyres will not only reduce your fuel costs, but they in turn lower the carbon dioxide emissions of your car, reducing your impact on the environment.

Firestone car tyres , the best budget car tyres with safety & wear life.


Always dependable

Firestone tyres deliver reliable all-round performance that you can count on to be ready for the road ahead. They offer a great balance between comfort, safety, and affordability and have been developed and tested for over 100 years.

Supercat car tyres, the best budget car tyres for every budget with great value. Image of car driving on road.


Great value performance

Exclusive to our Bridgestone stores, Supercat tyres provide long life, a comfortable ride, and low road noise. They have been engineered for Australian conditions to deliver safe handling in both wet and dry weather. The ultimate value performance tyre.

Dayton budget car tyres. Shop & buy the best budget & cheap car tyres.


Value and reliability

If you’re looking for a budget tyre, it’s important to choose an option that doesn’t compromise your safety on the road. Dayton tyres deliver good entry-level performance and wet weather handling for an affordable price.

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