Join Bridgestone Benefits to get the most out of your tyres

Join Bridgestone Benefits

Our Bridgestone Benefits program will help you keep your tyres in tip top shape. You automatically qualify when you purchase two or more Bridgestone, Firestone, or Supercat tyres from a Bridgestone Select or Bridgestone Service Centre.

Maximise the life and performance of your tyres with free tyre checks, free puncture repair,
and many more exclusive discounts and offers.


Free tyre maintenance checks

As part of our Bridgestone Benefits program you will receive free tyre maintenance checks at the following milestones,
whichever arrives first:⌃

3 months / 5,000 Km
6 months / 10,000 Km
12 months / 20,000 Km
18 months / 30,000 Km
24 months / 40,000 Km
30 months / 50,000 Km

Gecko Hands with Tyres
Your tyre maintenance check will identify any damage or excess wear to your tyres, as well as tyre pressure, and rotation. 

Your free Bridgestone Benefits tyre checks include:

  • Tyre Pressure icon

    Tyre Pressure

    Correct air pressure will significantly increase the life of your tyres

  • Tread Depth icon

    Tread Depth

    The depth of tread on each of your tyres is vital to your vehicle’s stability

  • Tyre Wear icon

    Tyre Damage

    Damage to your tyres can lead to serious issues such as air loss and unsafe handling

  • Tyre Rotation icon

    Tyre Rotation

    Rotating your tyres can help wear your tyre tread more evenly+

  • Spare Tyre icon

    Spare Tyre

    We check that your spare tyre is safe and road worthy

  • Car battery check icon, click for more information about car battery replacements.

    Battery Check

    A battery check can prevent you being stranded when you least expect it

  • External Light icon

    External Lights

    Properly working external lights are important to the safety of yourself and others

To make caring for your tyres even easier, we’ll notify you when they are due for

a maintenance check, so you don’t have to remember a thing.

+Rotation performed only if required.

Tyres you can trust

Our Bridgestone Benefits program is just one of the ways we help you trust in your tyres.

We also offer several other warranties and a wear life guarantee, depending on the tyres you have purchased.

Check the table below for your eligibility:

Bridgestone benefits Road Hazard Warranty Manufacturer Warranty Wear Life Guarantee
Purchase 2 or more tyres* Purchase 1 or more tyres
(inc runflat)^
Purchase 1 or more tyres Purchase 4 or more Turanza
Serenity Plus tyres + Wheel alignment
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The following conditions apply.

*The Bridgestone Benefits program is available to Australian retail customers who purchase two or more new Passenger, SUV or selected light truck Bridgestone, Firestone or Supercat branded tyres in one transaction. The Bridgestone benefits service program is only valid at participating Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centre & Bridgestone Tyre Centre stores and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes any TBR tyres purchased and excludes Motorsport tyres. Bridgestone Australia Ltd. takes no responsibility for missed services reminders throughout the duration of the service program. All offers & bonus offers are valid for the duration of your tyre maintenance program, or, as otherwise indicated in the service booklet. The Bridgestone benefits program is not transferable & excludes Fleet, Account and Government customers. Bridgestone Australia Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw/ alter this service program upon providing 30 days notice to participants. +1 free puncture repair to the value of $40 to be used once throughout the life of your program. ^Terms &conditions apply. Please direct all enquiries in relation to your benefits service program here.
⌃Reminder milestones may vary for driver partner programs.

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