Car Brake Service & Brake Pad Replacement

Let us look after your car brakes, so you can drive safely

The condition of your brakes is an important part of your safety on the road. Your brakes are not only responsible for stopping your car but also help you decelerate downhill, and keep your car stationary when it is not being used. That’s why it is so important your brakes are always well maintained and in good working order.

Car brake

If your car doesn’t stop as well as it used to, makes strange sounds, or your steering wheel shudders when you brake, it is time to book your car into your local Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto store for a brake service.

Our qualified technician will find the problem with your brakes, and offer a repair solution that fits your needs. We only install components that meet or exceed the standards of your car’s original equipment.

Our technicians will inform you about all our work and be able to communicate any costs involved with a brake service, maintenance and repairs.

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Brake inspection and servicing

There is a lot more to servicing brakes than simply installing new parts and components. A brake system has many parts that need checking, and if a fault is found, these components will require replacement. Your local Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto technician will inspect your brakes and advise you on what work needs to be done. Here are some parts of your brake system they will check.

Brake Pads

All brake pads wear out over time. If your brake pads wear down below minimum thickness, it is important you book into your Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto store and have them replaced. If you let them wear down further to the metal backing plate, the scraping of the metal will cause significant damage to your rotors, which will diminish braking performance and necessitate brake rotor replacement.

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Car brake pad cost

Car brake pad replacement & service can vary depending on the type of vehicle and what needs to be repaired.

Your local Bridgestone has an expert mechanic, who will be able to assist with all your brake pad service requirements.

To get a price on a car brake pad service, be sure to contact your nearest Bridgestone store.

Brake rotors

Brake rotors will also wear out over time. However, the minimum thickness before replacement varies depending on your car. Your local Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto store can let you know the minimum thickness for your vehicle. As part of your routine brake maintenance, our mechanics will check your entire braking system, and if necessary, let you know what services or repairs are required.

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Changing your brake fluid is important to prevent a decrease in stopping ability, and internal corrosion to your brakes. 

Over time, moisture can work its way into the brake system, contaminating it. This moisture can react with the materials found in some of the braking components, reducing stopping ability. It can also lead to corrosion in several components of your brake system, which can be expensive to replace.

When you bring your car in for brake maintenance, our mechanics will inspect and test your brake fluid to determine if you need to have the fluid changed. 

Save time and avoid costly repairs by having your car brakes checked regularly at your local Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto store.

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