Tyre Road Hazard Warranty

When tyre accidents happen, we have your back. We are proud to supply drivers with safe and reliable tyres, but we know there’s always the chance that accidental damage can happen. That’s why we offer our car tyre warranty, so you can enjoy your tyres with confidence..

What does the Road Hazard warranty cover?

The Road Hazard warranty covers your tyres from accidental damage including:
  • Breaks or Cuts

    Breaks or cuts from foreign objects on the road

  • Irreparable Punctures

    Irreparable Punctures

  • Gutter damage

    Gutter Damage

  • Damage from Potholes or uneven roads

    Damage from potholes or uneven roads

If your tyre is under 10% worn, it will be replaced free of charge. If it is over 10% worn, it will be replaced at a pro-rata cost. So for example, if your tyre is 20% worn, you will pay for 20% of the new tyre, and we’ll cover the other 80%.

How do you qualify for the Road Hazard warranty?

When you purchase any number of Bridgestone or Firestone car tyres from a Bridgestone Select or Bridgestone Service Centre, you may qualify for the Road Hazard tyre warranty. Ask your friendly store member about our Safe Drive warranty at the time of your purchase.

How do you claim the Road Hazard warranty?

The warranty can be claimed at any Bridgestone Select or Bridgestone Service Centre. Call 131 229 or click here to find your nearest store. Don’t forget to bring your original purchase receipt.

For full terms see below:

*The following conditions apply. 1. Pro-rata charges apply for tyre replacement. If a tyre is 25% worn, a 25% charge will apply. If the tyre is 50% worn, a 50% charge will apply. Tyres under 10% worn will be replaced free of charge. 2. Pro-rata costs are based on RRP at the time of replacement. 3. Road Hazard Warranty can be claimed at any Bridgestone Select or Bridgestone Service Centre. 4. Replacement cost includes fitting, balancing and valves. 5. Warranty is available on Bridgestone and Firestone branded passenger tyres only. 6. Excludes all 4WD/SUV and light truck tyres including those with passenger construction. Excludes motorsport tyres i.e.RE-11S, RE-71R and RE-71RS. 7. Original purchase receipt must be presented at time of claiming. 8. Warranty is transferable upon sale of vehicle however new vehicle owner must present original receipt to claim. 9. Warranty does not cover; repairable damage or punctures, damage caused by vandalism, motor accident, fire, theft, snow chain damage, use in competition or racing, damage caused by vehicle condition or defects, use on non-tarmac roads, lack of tyre maintenance or improper use including but not limited to improper inflation pressure, rotation or alignment. 10. Should the identical replacement product be obsolete, a comparable product will be provided. 11. Warranty covers the life of a tyre or up to 4 years following date of fitment, whichever comes first. 12. Life of tyre = Australian Standards for Legal Tread Depth. ^Excludes 4x4 and SUV products, including those with passenger construction.

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