Looking after your tyres properly is the best way to ensure longer tyre life and a smoother, safer ride. But knowing how
to take care of your tyres isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’re proud to provide you with the know-how you need to choose and maintain your tyres. Explore our top tips and
how-tos and learn about different types of tyres below.

  • Lyfecycle of a tyre

    Lifecycle of a tyre

    From rubber trees, to factory and beyond, learn how tyres are made, used, and recycled in this article about a tyre’s lifecycle.

  • Run Flat Tyre

    Run flat tyres

    Driving with a punctured tyre can be extremely dangerous. Run flat tyres will keep your car stable when a puncture takes place, so you stay in control.

  • Fuel Savings tyres

    Fuel saving tyres

    Did you know that you can
    use less fuel simply by
    changing your tyres?

  • Tyre care maintenance

    Tyre care and maintenance

    Proper care and maintenance is essential to get the most out of your tyres. Read our top tyre care tips to maximise your tyre life and stay safe on the road.

  • Age of a tyre

    How to check the age of a tyre

    Tyres don’t last forever, and old tyres can be a serious safety risk. Learn how to check the age of a tyre and stay safe on the road.

  • Tyre Tread

    How to check your tyre tread

    Poor control in wet weather is just one of the dangers of worn tyres. Checking the tread depth of your tyres is simple and easy.

  • Tyre Pressure

    How to check your tyre pressure and inflate your tyres

    Save fuel, increase on-road safety, and get more life out of your tyres by making sure they are properly inflated.

  • Learn about tyre sizes and how to calculate. Image of tyre icon.

    Learn about tyre sizes

    Have you ever wondered what the markings on the sidewall of
    your tyre mean?

  • Bridgestone Insider

    Bridgestone Insider

    Latest updates from
    Bridgestone Australia.

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    We've answered some of the most popular questions we receive from our customers.

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