Wheel Balance Service

Bridgestone performs a professional wheel balancing as part of every new tyre fitment 

Properly balanced wheels extend tyre life, improve fuel efficiency, and help your car handle the road better, which is why we perform a wheel balance with every tyre fitment.

What is a wheel balance?

Because your car contains tiny weights that act as a counterbalance to the heaviest parts of your tyre and wheel assembly, if these weights become loose, your wheel will wobble.

A wheel balance involves replacing these weights by taking each wheel from your vehicle and spinning it at velocity on a state-of-the-art alignment machine. This generates a report that details how many and where these weights should be placed to remove any vibration and noise.

Wheel Balancing Service Bridgestone

Why do I need a wheel balance?

Even when wheel imbalances are tiny, it only takes a few grams to create a force large enough to turn your otherwise smooth commute into a shaky, more dangerous ride. If you’ve ever experienced wheel vibration or steering ‘wobble’, you would have also noticed uneven tyre wear and poor fuel efficiency, both of which cost you money!

  • Uneven tyre wear

  • On road incidents

5 signs you need a wheel balance

Most wheels will gradually move out of balance over the course of normal driving. Here are 5 reliable indicators that you need to book a professional wheel balancing.

  • Your steering wheel vibrates at speed
  • There’s an unusual noise from your tyre well
  • Your tyres display noticeable uneven wear
  • Your steering feels misaligned
  • You’ve had an incident on the road

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Wheel Balancing Bridgestone

Is a wheel balance the same as a wheel alignment?

Many drivers confuse these two essential services, but a wheel balance and a wheel alignment are two very different things. 

Where a wheel balance is a procedure that involves correcting any uneven weight distribution on your tyres via a series of small counterweights, a professional wheel alignment is a mechanical adjustment of your steering and wheel tracking geometry that ensures all four wheels are pointing in the same direction.

How often do you need a wheel balance?

Over time, even a small imbalance will cause premature wear, so we recommend a wheel balancing as part of your regular service schedule or at least every 2-3 years or 10,000km of driving.

How much is a wheel balance?

The cost of a wheel balance is included in the price of every new tyre fitment from Bridgestone. If you would like a balance done outside of this or as part of a regularly scheduled service, the cost can vary depending on the make and model of your car and the type and size of your tyres.

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