Fuel efficient tyres

Introducing the Ecopia range of fuel saving, eco-friendly tyres.

Did you know that you can use less fuel simply by changing your tyres?


The Ecopia tyre range, offers a range of fuel saving tyres for your car, SUV & 4WD, with leading technology that helps you save on fuel costs without compromising on safety or comfort. Our Ecopia tyres allow you to reduce your fuel consumption, cutting down on your fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Ecopia brings the cutting edge of low rolling resistance technology to our range of quality tyres.

The result of years of global research, our Ecopia tyres are designed to save on fuel, while not only contributing to better rolling resistance and wet grip, but also great wear life.


This makes Ecopia the smart choice for everyone across the car, SUV & 4WD range.

Fuel saving tyres for car, SUV & 4WD. Save fuel cost without compromising on safety. Image of tyre with fuel picture.

Fuel efficient car tyres

Save up to 4.2% of your fuel costs with Bridgestone Ecopia 

The results are in! In independent testing, our Ecopia EP300 was shown to deliver a fuel saving of 4.2% when compared to a conventional tyre.^

^Product independently tested in accordance with ADR 81/02 on 2017 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatch fitted with tyre size 205/55R16. Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions depend on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition and driving style. Ecopia EP300 fuel consumption test performed against a conventional tyre.

Use the fuel cost calculator to find out how much you can save with Ecopia
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Annual fuel savings

Eco-friendly tyres

Bridgestone Ecopia tyres reduce the impact on the environment

As drivers, we share a responsibility to reduce the impact of our cars on the environment.

As part of our commitment to our environment, we’ve created a tyre that saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. Our global research into low rolling resistance has allowed us to create a tyre that reduces your carbon footprint, without compromising on our high standards of safety and quality.

The Ecopia range of car, SUV and 4WD tyres, have been developed with technology that creates a safe and comfortable ride, with exceptional fuel efficiency.

A tyre’s rolling resistance is the force required to make it roll. With low rolling resistance, less force is needed to move your tyres, reducing your fuel usage and the amount of CO2 your car emits into the environment. 


Low rolling resistance tyres

Our Ecopia range of tyres are engineered with innovative low rolling resistance technology, to create safe and comfortable tyres with exceptional fuel efficiency and handling.


What do fuel saving tyres do?

Ecopia helps reduce fuel consumption, energy loss from tyres and lowers CO2 emissions.


Reduced energy loss for superior fuel economy

Every Ecopia tyre is made with Nano Pro-Tech™ rubber to reduce energy loss, so you  use less  fuel to power your car. This cutting edge-compound contains high-dispersing silica that increases contact area and reduces rolling resistance.

Reduce energy loss, so you  use less  fuel to power your car, SUV & 4WD. Image of the tyre nano pro-tech technmology.
Safe wet handling tyres for car, SUV & 4WD. Image of a tyre in the wet.

Safe wet handling tyres

An advanced tread design, newer casing construction and Nano Pro-Tech compound combine to ensure you stay safe when the weather turns wet. 

Great tyre wear life

An optimised crown shape and rounded rib edges ensure even contact shape and pressure between the tyre and the road surface, contributing to not only better rolling resistance and wet grip, but also great wear life.

Great tyre wear life for car, SUV & 4WD. Image of tyre with speedo.
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Frequently asked questions

  • FAQs iconWhat is rolling resistance in a tyre?

    The rolling resistance of a tyre is the power needed to roll that tyre along the road. A ‘low rolling resistance’ tyre such as one from the Bridgestone Ecopia range will require less power to roll along the road, so has the potential to provide better fuel-economy for your car.

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