Cut down your fuel costs with our fuel saving tyre solution

Rising fuel costs are one of the biggest problems faced by commercial fleets today. The good news is that Bridgestone has the technology to help. Our Ecopia drive and trailer truck tyres have been proven to lower fuel costs by up to 6.9%, without compromising performance. By combining fuel-efficient Ecopia tyres with our market-leading low rolling resistance Bandag products, you can save thousands of dollars off your fuel bill every year. Plus, by using less fuel you’ll create fewer CO2 emissions, meaning you can reduce your environmental impact at the same time as your operating costs.

Cut down your fuel costs with our fuel saving tyre solution

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How much could you save?

Tests with Australian fleets proved Bridgestone Ecopia M749II drive and R119 trailer truck tyres saved up to 6.9%^ off their fuel bill when compared to conventional drive and trailer tyres. For a fleet with annual fuel expenditure of $10 million this equates to a fuel saving of up to $690,000 per annum. Other independent testing performed under controlled conditions measured fuel cost reductions of up to 9.6%* – further proof of the savings available to transport operators who choose Bridgestone's Ecopia range.

Truck Fuel Saving


^Based on an average of real-world testing, rolling resistance co-efficient results and controlled testing, compared to standard Premium Bridgestone tyres, an estimated fuel saving of 6.9% can be achieved by choosing Ecopia truck tyres. When tested against other branded tyres, fleets could achieve up to 10% fuel saving subject to tyre brand, vehicle configuration, load, speed and driving style. Real world testing conducted on B-Double combinations running typical line haul operations. Total cost saving estimate based on average fleet fuel expenditure of $10,000,000.

*Independently tested by Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd in strictly controlled conditions at AARC proving ground. Vehicle was a B-Double in normal loaded condition.

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