DeltaWing Concept Car unvieled by Bridgestone

DeltaWing Concept Car unveiled by Bridgestone


On Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) made major announcements at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show including the unveiling of the DeltaWing Concept Car at the Bridgestone booth, new tyre products for 2010 and the 4th annual Safety Scholars Contest. BATO announced a new generation of Bridgestone brand Ecopia tyres, a new eco-savvy tyre that is Bridgestone's first for SUVs. Also, Bridgestone introduced four new Firestone branded tyres which includes two new Precision tyres, a new Firehawk Summer ultra high performance tyre and a new Destination tyre.

DeltaWing Concept Car

The car also marks the next step in the industry's dedication to becoming more environmentally responsible. DeltaWing has identified that this marketplace trend can be applied to the IZOD IndyCar Series and has developed this concept car using the most advanced American technology.

By targeting reduced aerodynamic drag and lighter weight, the DeltaWing design achieves record breaking on track performance with only half the engine power of its recent predecessors. The unique vehicle design provides optimum and consistent distribution of loading for the Firestone Firehawk tyres, which are specifically developed for the dynamic characteristics of the DeltaWing racer. The futuristic form aims to appeal to a younger demographic audience who is increasingly in search of technological innovations to solve the requirement for sustainable personal mobility. DeltaWing LLC will design, engineer and supply a running prototype by August, 2010.