Turanza 6

Enhancing Bridgestone's premium SUV range

Turanza 6 with ENLITEN technology continues Bridgestone’s track record of innovation in the SUV and touring product categories. Designed to optimise grip, wet weather braking and durability, the Turanza 6 delivers safety and performance when drivers need it most.

Excellent wet performance

The Turanza 6 performs best when it counts most - in the wet - delivering peace of mind when braking, cornering, and accelerating.

Turanza 6 Wet Performance Bridgestone Australia


EV ready

Engineered to meet the demands of electric and hybrid engine vehicles, the Turanza 6 optimises their performance through low rolling resistance, high wear tolerance and low noise.

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Fuel and energy efficient

Advanced TECHSYN compound technology supports longer range for EV drivers and improved fuel economy for petrol and diesel engine vehicles.

Turanza 6 Enliten


Durable and long wearing

Bridgestone’s innovative ENLITEN technology means the Turanza 6 can handle high torque demands easily, improving performance for longer.

Quiet and comfortable

Noise reducing design elements such as double angle tread block sipes help the Turanza 6 deliver a smooth, near silent ride.



Bridgestone ENLITEN

ENLITEN is a combination of cutting-edge technologies designed to improve sustainability and EV readiness without compromising safety or performance.

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