Turanza 6

Turanza 6 is the latest product in the Turanza touring range and was designed and engineered to meet the key considerations of both internal combustion engine vehicles and the rising popularity of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle models: grip, wet braking performance and durability. It also incorporates ENLITEN technology for reduced rolling resistance and increased environmental sustainability.
Excellent wet performance
EV Ready – long wearing, low noise, low rolling-resistance
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Tyre feature Benefit for you
Divergent shoulder lug design and double angle 3D washboard sipes Smoother and faster water evacuation. Interlocking micro-drainage channels allow this improved wet performance, without compromising wear and noise attributes.
New compound featuring co-developed ‘Techsyn’ technology Rubber compound has significantly improved wear life, while also reducing rolling resistance.
Closed lug blocks on shoulder Reduced pass-by noise.
Aerodynamic rim guard shape (some sizes) Flat rim guard profile and softened edge reduce air turbulence and drag.
ENLITEN technology Ultimate optimisation of safety, sustainability and performance. Reduced C02 emissions plus improved resource efficiency and material circularity.
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