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Harness the strength of a market leading brand

When you’re considering a franchise, the most important factor is the power of the brand that stands behind you.
Our global reputation and high profile sponsorships make us the most recognisable tyre brand in Australia.
With our brand behind you, you’ll have the market edge. 
    Life after FIFO… Becoming your own boss
    Motorsport mad… With a business to match
    Taking control… From mechanic to business owner

Be a part of the Bridgestone family,

with opportunities all around Australia

An industry that’s growing year on year

  • Annual Industry Growth

    Annual Industry Growth

  • Industry Worth

    Industry Worth

  • Cars on our roads

    Cars on our roads

  •  Average car age

    Average car age

We have you back

We have your back

Your success is our success. We offer our franchisees a level of support that is unparalleled in the tyre and automotive industry. Our training, marketing, promotions and products are industry leading.

Affordable fees

Our franchise fee of 3.5% is among the lowest in the tyre industry, and unlike many other franchise models, we do not charge a separate marketing levy. The cost required to open a store depends on the size and location of the property, but an indicative cost is between $350,000 - $450,000 including a one-off franchise fee of $50,000 (ex GST). 

Our difference

As a Bridgestone Select franchisee, you’ll benefit from an established and proven
system that provides everything you need to succeed.
  • Induction Program

  • Ongoing Support

  • Marketing

  • Signage funding

  • Exclusive-products

  • Buying power

  • Rebates

  • Proven business system

  • Auto service

  • Premises selection

  • Leading Point-of-Sale system

  • Dealer portal



We provide structured training and a tailored on-the-job induction program to make sure you have the knowledge and
tools you need for success.

Ongoing Support

Our staff will act as your support crew, helping you implement systems and processes and improve the profitability of your store.

Marketing TVC

We work with you to get the word out about your store; including developing offers, covering the cost of artwork and helping
you create and distribute advertising.

Signage Funding

We cover the cost of your building’s painting and exterior signage, and work vehicle branding, to maximise your street presence and visibility.

Exclusive Products

You will have access to exclusive tyres and accessories only
available to our franchises.

Buying Power

With more than 180 Bridgestone Select stores and over 130 Bridgestone Service Centres nationwide, you’ll benefit from immense buying power to bring down your costs.


You will be able to purchase tyres at attractive market leading rates, while also enjoying a manufacturer’s rebate.

Proven System

You will have access to our proven business system, designed to exceed customer expectations and build loyalty to your store.

Auto Service

We will help you implement our auto service program, to provide your customers with a one stop shop for all their
tyre and mechanical needs.


We’ll help you choose the perfect site, using demand modelling and network planning. We’ll negotiate with the landlord to secure a lease, then sub-lease the site to you.

POS System

We will provide you with a standardised point-of-sale system, containing all the products and service codes
you need to run your business.

Dealer Portal

You’ll have access to our dealer portal, a web-based sales and marketing tool designed to help you maximise customer growth,
follow up leads, and convert leads to sales.

Current opportunities

  • Adelaide North

    South Australia

    We are seeking prospective franchisees to partner with us, register your interest today!



    Inc. $50000 Franchise Fee

    10 Years

  • Perth

    Western Australia

    Are you ready to partner with Bridgestone? Register your interest today for all WA franchise opportunities.

    We have new stores available now in the Perth metropolitan area. Join the next evolution in tyre and mechanical retailing.



    Inc. $50000 Franchise Fee

    10 Years

  • Balcatta

    Western Australia

    We are seeking prospective franchisees to partner with us, register your interest today!



    Inc. $50000 Franchise Fee

    10 Years

  • Embleton

    Western Australia

    We are seeking prospective franchisees to partner with us, register your interest today!



    Inc. $50000 Franchise Fee

    10 Years

  • Bomaderry

    New South Wales

    We are seeking prospective franchisees to partner with us, register your interest today!



    Inc. $50000 Franchise Fee

    10 Years

  • Moorabbin


    We are seeking prospective franchisees to partner with us, register your interest today!



    Inc. $50000 Franchise Fee

    10 Years

Our Commitment to you
B-mark Logo

Marketing Support

Bridgestone Australia Ltd. invests millions of dollars annually in a marketing program that includes product development, consumer research, brand profiling and retail support. This investment is one of the key reasons why Bridgestone brands enjoy such a strong position in the market.

Bridgestone Australia Ltd. manages the following to ensure a strong demand for our products and services:
• Brand promotion
• Retail sales promotion to stimulate retail enquiry
• Management of offline and digital directories and the retail website to connect customers with your store

Training Provided

Bridgestone Australia Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In fact, we are a leading RTO for the tyre industry. That means our comprehensive training programs deliver to you, and your staff, the specific skills needed to maximise your productivity and profitability.

You will receive an extensive, customised induction program, to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools you will require for this exciting opportunity. Your training will include: in store experience; on-line learning; and time in the classroom.

While an interest in cars and auto service can be useful, you do not need to be a mechanic as we will teach you all you need to know.

Nationally Recognised Training
Candidates Skills

Candidate Skills

Potential franchisees should possess management ability and a passion for providing exceptional customer service.

You should have the desire and commitment to run your own business and be part of a winning team. Business acumen, strong communication and the ability to quickly engage with customers and build rapport are key.

Following systems and processes and ensuring safety and compliance are all key skills for successful franchisees.


With more than two decades of franchise expertise, it is little wonder that Bridgestone are the recognised leaders in tyre and mechanical retailing.

Our industry-leading market intelligence has kept our franchise owners at the forefront of their craft since 1986.

B Select
About the Opportunities

About the Opportunity

Bridgestone Select offers a range of tyres, tyre related and mechanical services across most metropolitan areas of Australia.

Owning a franchise should be about running a business for yourself, but not by yourself. The Bridgestone philosophy is one of total support for our franchisees , whether you are purchasing an existing franchise, or starting out with a new site, we are with you every step of the way. It is an ongoing commitment.

From its origins in Japan, the Bridgestone Corporation is a true global performer. Bridgestone is a powerful organisation that has embraced a passion for the very best in technology, quality and service for its customers throughout the world.

Taking control… From mechanic to business owner 


“I look back now and really feel I should have made the change earlier, so if you’re thinking about doing it, go for it.”


Bridgestone Select QLD

I started out as an apprentice mechanic at a Holden dealership and went on to work at Lexus and BMW. Now here I am today as a Bridgestone franchisee. 

I came in with little business experience, and I’ve never shied away from that, but Bridgestone really gave me the opportunity to learn.

Mechanical knowledge was something I was very comfortable with, because it’s what I lived for a decade as a mechanic.

Tyre knowledge is a lot more specialised but the information and training is readily available and, when you immerse yourself in it every day, it becomes second nature. 

There’s always people within our network – other franchisees and Bridgestone staff – who have the answers you’re looking for.

Being backed by an industry leader is critical, particularly at a time when consumers are so well equipped with information. Honesty is the only way to get genuine commitment and loyalty out of people and a solid brand that invests back into the community, and into research, is priceless.

Becoming a Bridgestone franchisee has given me a lot more control of my own time – something I struggled with as a mechanic. I can spend time with my boys in the morning and be there to pick them up after school. 

I look back now and really feel I should have made the change earlier, so if you’re thinking about doing it, go for it.

Life after FIFO… Becoming your own boss


“The lifestyle change has been huge – from working FIFO, to being home every night and being able to watch our daughter grow up.”

Justin and Debra

Bridgestone Select WA

We wanted to quit FIFO because we were looking to start a family and wanted a business we could work in together. Bridgestone came along and just seemed to tick all our boxes.

he lifestyle change has been huge – from working FIFO, to being home every night and being able to watch our daughter grow up.

We were very much involved in the business in the beginning, but able to step away a bit when our daughter was born.

There are a lot of benefits that come with being backed by Bridgestone, such a well-known brand.

They were with us the whole first week, helping and supporting us, and they’ve been just a phone call away ever since.

Being in this industry is a no brainer, because you can guarantee that almost every household in Australia is going to have at least one car and all those cars are going to need servicing and new tyres.

If you want to start up your own Bridgestone store and have the money behind you to do it – do it. It’s given us the independence to work the way we want to work. We’re doing something for ourselves instead of working for someone else.

Motorsport mad… With a business to match


“People already know and want Bridgestone products, so half the job is done for us. It’s a lot easier to sell a product that is already so well known.”


Bridgestone Select SA

Before I was a Bridgestone franchisee, I was a mechanic working mostly on European cars with a little experience in the tyre industry.

My family was involved with some other tyre chains, but we wanted a well-known brand with major backing – and that’s why we chose Bridgestone.

It all happened quite fast. We had a couple of meetings with Bridgestone, some proposals were put in place, and before we knew it our first store was up and running!

People already know and want Bridgestone products, so half the job is done for us. It’s a lot easier to sell a product that is already so well known.

Aside from the name, it’s also about the support they provide, which is second to none.

They go out of their way to help us.

Being a Bridgestone franchisee has given us flexibility when it comes to kids sports and family life, and a better lifestyle in general.

It also allows me to spend time on my passion for motorsport – travelling, getting out to local and interstate rounds, and having some fun in cars.

Now it’s just about continuing to do what we do day-to-day and spending more time with my race cars!

Franchisee FAQs

Opening a franchise can be a lot to think about, so we want to provide you with all the information
you need to make an informed decision.
If you don’t see an answer to your question below, please get in touch.

What is the term of a franchise?

New stores have a franchise term of ten years. This allows you security of tenure to develop and grow your business.

Do you have to be a mechanic, or have previous experience in tyres?

No, you don’t. While an interest in cars and auto service is helpful, our team of auto service experts will help you in driving the mechanical component of your business. You will need management capabilities, and a commitment to exceptional service.

Can you own more than one Bridgestone Select store?

Yes, you can, after a period of time successfully running your first Bridgestone Select store.

Who selects the site?

We will select the site and secure the lease.  You will have a chance to review the site before making a commitment.

Are there any sites currently available?

We have a number of sites ready to go that could be perfect for you. See our list of opportunities here.

Are franchisees expected to actively work in store?

Yes, you are expected to work in store. This will be an important factor in your success!

What are the costs of opening a store?

The investment required to open a Bridgestone Select store depends on the size and location of the property and whether you’re purchasing a new or existing store. The indicative cost of setting up a new store or purchasing an existing one is from $350,000 - $450,000.

This cost includes your one-off franchise fee of $50,000 (ex GST), training, equipment, showroom furnishings and fit-out, uniforms, phone and security system, POS software and hardware, and initial stock. It does not include your ongoing lease costs.

You will also need a bank guarantee to secure the model stock.

Is a deposit required?

In order to secure your store, there is a $10,000 (ex GST) deposit, which is payable before you are issued with your franchise disclosure document. The deposit is subtracted from your one-off franchise fee of $50,000 (ex GST).

This deposit is fully refundable if we, or the landlord, do not proceed with the store, if you’re not able to secure the needed finance, or anytime 7 days after the disclosure document is provided.

This deposit will become non-refundable seven days after you have received the disclosure document. If you withdraw for any other reasons, your refund will be negotiated on a case by case basis at our sole discretion. 

Can Bridgestone assist with finance?

We cannot assist with finance; however Bridgestone Select is a recognised franchisor with ANZ bank.

What are the ongoing franchise costs?

A low ongoing fee of 3.5% applies to all qualifying products and services. Unlike many franchise systems, we don’t charge a separate levy for marketing.

What can you expect from your investment?

We can’t predict how successful your store will be, but we can provide you with indicative sales and trading data once a confidentiality deed has been executed. For existing stores, we can also put you in touch with the current owner, so you can review their sales figures and trading information.

You will need to seek your own financial advice during the recruitment process, as part of your due diligence, and also to develop and submit your own profit and loss forecast and business plan.

What happens after you submit your enquiry?

As a new franchisee, you will go through the following process:

  1. You will be contacted by our recruitment team, and invited to an initial interview
  2. After the interview, we’ll ask you to sign a confidentiality deed, and provide you with additional information about your franchise
  3. You will then complete a psychometric profiling questionnaire, and a police clearance
  4. You will be provided with templates to complete, including a draft Heads of Agreement, business plan, P&L and cash flow.
  5. You will attend a second interview, with senior representatives from our retail department
  6. After the second interview, you will participate in a Discover Tour, including talks with existing franchisees, and a one day in-store     experience
  7. We will issue you with disclosure documents, and you will pay a $10,000 deposit to secure your store
  8. We review your business plan, and all remaining due diligence checks are completed
  9. We offer you our franchise agreement
  10. You complete your induction program, and open your store
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