Bridgestone The First Choice for Mud Lovers

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Bridgestone Australia
16 January, 2016
Dueler MT Generic

The first choice for mud terrain tyres


We’re delighted to say that we’ve outdone ourselves in appealing to Australia’s mud lovers.

Serious off-road enthusiasts were impressed with the performance of the Bridgestone Dueler M/T 673, until the M/T 674 came along to offer them even more of what they really want – traction in the mud.

And thanks to its revolutionary 3D design, the M/T 674 also delivers significantly improved off-road stability and wear life.

“A tough, aggressive design with outstanding traction and grip are the hallmarks of the Bridgestone Dueler M/T 674,” said Jon Tamblyn, Bridgestone Australia’s National Technical Field Service Manager.”

“We put this tyre through extensive testing, including pitting it against the Dueler M/T 673 in Kalimantan, and it delivered beyond expectations time and time again. It has been designed with the highest load capability, with up to 10 ply rating, to meet the hardcore demands of off‑road driving.”

“This product is testament to Bridgestone’s commitment to the 4WD market and is great news for those looking to use their vehicles in muddy and severe off-road conditions.”

Making use of advanced computer generation and virtual mapping techniques, we developed a proprietary 3D approach to tread design.

Its 3D grooves cut easily and efficiently into the mud, 3D shoulder lugs mean the tyres are self cleaning, and a 3D buttress promotes improved mud traction by reducing tread stiffness variation. To top off its multidimensional design, a 3D upper sidewall supports mud traction in even the sloppiest conditions.

As a result, the Dueler M/T 674 delivers all-round improved performance.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – the Dueler M/T 674 is available in a whole range of sizes to suit medium and large utilities as well as large 4x4s and SUVs. 


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