Book to use my “Family & Friends” discount program.

Find your nearest Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto store to use my “Family & Friends” discount program.

How to use my 100% employee discount.

Find selected company owned store to use my employee discount.

Search for your nearest company owned store that is able to offer the auto service discount.

Auto Service discount not to be used at franchise, license stores, company owned stores that cannot perform auto service work.

IMPORTANT: For areas not offering a Bridgestone company auto service, please call Lube Mobile on 1300 319 762 or visit:
Car Service & Repairs, Mobile Mechanics - Lube Mobile
Auto Service

Book an auto service using my discount.

An auto service may only be booked at a Bridgestone Company store or Lube Mobile Mechanic. Contact the Bridgestone company store direct to make your booking and advise you are a Bridgestone or Lube Mobile employee. At the time of booking advise your Bridgestone employee number and car registration. Your discount will be deducted at time of payment.

  • Auto Service (1 x Up To 40% Off)

    1. To redeem a Bridgestone auto service discount, you must book at a Bridgestone company owned store that offers auto service. (Click here to view stores)

    2. Bridgestone company stores which provide auto service offer 30% off invoice and Lube Mobile offers 40% off invoice.

    3. You must quote your employee number, full name and car registration when booking.

    4. The Bridgestone auto service discount applies to standard logbook inspections, checks, service and parts associated with a standard service only. Examples of services ineligible for the discount include but are not limited to, costs for repairing crash damage, fixing aftermarket parts, batteries and major parts. If unsure of what is covered, please check with the store.

    5. To book your auto service with Lube Mobile: Call 1300 319 762 or Car Service & Repairs, Mobile Mechanics - Lube Mobile

    Thank you for choosing to purchase tyres or a service via the Employee Family & Friends Program! For any queries please contact: [email protected]

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