Motorsport Wrap for Monday 8th February 2010

Motorsport Wrap for Monday 8th February 2010


Bridgestone has successfully launched its 2010 Potenza Formula One tyre during pre-season testing at Valencia in Spain.

Bridgestone will again have four dry tyre compounds (Hard, Medium, Soft and Super Soft) to cover the 19-race calendar, with teams running the Soft and Super Soft compounds during the week's testing program.

Seven teams participated in the test, giving Bridgestone engineers a good indication of the performance of the tyres.

"We are pleased to have seen the good potential of the 2010 specifications, even though it's a little difficult to judge fully the true performance because of the special characteristics of the Valencia circuit," said Tetsuro Kobayashi, Technical Manager for Bridgestone Motorsport.

"So far, though, our tyre performance is in line with our expectations."

With a tyre size of 245/ 55R13, the new front tyre when fitted to a rim is 20mm narrower than the 2009 specification. In addition, the 2010 tyres have been engineered to cope with the heavier fuel loads following the decision to ban refuelling for the new season.

"Certainly, with the cars being potentially 100kgs heavier this year at the start of the races than last year, the longer stint lengths with greater amounts of fuel will place additional loads on the tyres," said Tetsuro Kobayashi .

"However, our 2010 casing should be much more durable in comparison to the 2009 casing. The strengthened rear construction in particular will help the cars accommodate this new rule."

Bridgestone's new Potenza Formula One tyres will next be in action at Jerez in Spain from February 17-20 where new team Lotus Racing is also expected to join the teams participating.