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The Firestone range

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Firestone Car Tyres

Firestone car tyres

Firestone is the dependable tyre you can rely on every day.  Firestone car tyres offer durable quality and a great balance between comfort, safety and affordability. It’s the time-tested performance you can expect from Firestone.

Firestone SUV and 4x4 tyres

Firestone Destination & Transforce are the hardworking 4x4 and SUV tyres you can count on to deliver quality at an affordable price. Whether you’re driving on main roads or rugged tracks, the Firestone SUV and 4x4 range offers all-round performance and durability ready for harsh Australian conditions.

Firestone SUV and 4x4 Tyres
Firestone Light Van Tyres

Firestone light van tyres

Stay on course with the Firestone CV4000, the reliable commercial tyre for light vans and utes. With great grip and outstanding comfort, Firestone is ready to work.

Firestone truck & bus tyres

No matter the task ahead, Firestone has the durability and performance you can depend on. There's a tyre for every application – whether you’re hauling freight interstate on the highway, or carrying passengers and cargo around the suburbs.

Firestone Truck and bus Tyres

The Firestone range

Select your vehicle type
  • Performance

  • Eco

  • Highway Terrain

  • All Terrain

  • Mud Terrain

1900 Firestone Founder


Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company is founded.

Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company is founded by Harvey S. Firestone in Akron, Ohio.

1906 Firestone delivers


Firestone delivers 2,000 sets of tyres to Ford.

The delivery was the largest single order of tyres ever placed, and started a business partnership that would last for decades.

1910 Firestone Factory


Firestone opens Akron, Ohio Factory.

In 1910, profits for Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company exceeded $1 million for the first time. By June 1910, Firestone’s new factory in Akron, Ohio opened.

1955 Firestone larger rubber producer


Firestone becomes the world's largest rubber producer.

On May 31, 1955, Firestone became the world’s largest rubber producer, producing one million pounds of rubber per day.

1965 Firestone hits annual sales


Firestone hits annual sales record.

Firestone celebrated its 65th anniversary with a record $1.45 billion in sales across 23 countries, the highest sales record in its history. At that point, the company made and marketed 3,600 types and sizes of tyres as well as 2,000 other products that included rubber, metals, plastics, synthetics, textiles and chemicals.

1988 Firestone mergers with Bridgestone


Firestone merges with Bridgestone

Firestone merges with Bridgestone, which shares similar values and a tradition of innovative excellence. This merge creates what is now the largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

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