All-Terrain versatility and comfort 

Bridgestone has extended its 4x4 & SUV lineup with the statement-making Dueler All-Terrain A/T002, delivering comfort, versatility and economy to the all-terrain market.

Excellent on-road wet and dry grip

Dueler All-Terrain A/T002 performs on-road, providing high levels of control when it counts most.


Modern All-Terrain Design

Modern all-terrain design

The aggressive tread design makes a statement while providing strong performance on and off-road.

Comfort and economy

Passenger construction means a more comfortable ride compared to light truck construction 4x4 tyres, as well as being more fuel efficient and quieter on the road.



Durability and performance

The innovative hexagonal block shape and architecture provides traction and braking performance on a range of surfaces.

Wrap around shoulder block design

The staggered shoulder tread design extends to the sidewall delivering better traction in sandy, snowy and mud conditions.


Grip and Traction

Designed for grip and traction

The optimised rib shape and void design provides effective water evacuation while the innovative Z-shape sipes of the tread blocks enhances lateral and longitudinal grip.

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