Bandag Ultimate  Assurance

We’re confident in the quality and durability of Bandag retreads, and the benefits they can bring to your business. That’s why we offer our Bandag retread replacement warranty. Our 100% replacement warranty entitles you to replace any retread that fails as a result of a manufacturer fault with a brand new retread.

For new Bandag customers, in addition to the Bandag replacement Warranty, we are offering for a limited time only – the Bandag Ultimate Assurance.  A once off payment of $1000 should our Bandag tyre fail in service as a result of a manufacturing defect.

With our warranty behind you, you can experience the benefits of retreads with confidence - both on the road, and your bottom line. 

100% Bandag Tyre


Bridgestone Australia

to cover any vehicle


$1000 payment

 Bandag Ultimate


Bridgestone will pay for any vehicle damage that occurs as a direct result of a Bandag tyre failing due to a manufacturing defect.

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Terms and Conditions. 

Tyres Retreaded by Bandag – Bandag Ultimate Assurance 

  1. The ‘Bandag Ultimate Assurance’ is a special offer above what is offered under normal warranty conditions.
  2. The ‘Bandag Ultimate Assurance’ only applies as a special condition that is offered to new Bandag customers for one year from the date of the first invoice for a purchase of a Bandag tyre(s).
  3. To be eligible for the ‘Bandag Ultimate Assurance’ you must have registered your business through the website by December 2023.
  4. Any warranty claims that are made more than one year after the first Bandag tyre is invoiced will be subject to Bridgestone’s normal warranty operating policy.
  5. Damage which in the opinion of Bridgestone was caused by any of the following conditions is not warrantable by Bridgestone:
      A. Impacts with objects, either identified or unidentified.
      B. Operation in an under-inflated or over-inflated condition at any time during the tyre life.
      C. Operation on a vehicle with misaligned wheels or worn/faulty steering or suspension components, or any tyre condition created by Vehicle Wheel-Alignment.
      D. Overloaded, or operating at a speed higher than that represented by the speed symbol.
      E. Poor or incorrect puncture repairs.
      F. Failure of a non-Bridgestone Tube leading to a tyre failure.
      G. Failure of the Valve or Valve Stem Assembly leading to a tyre failure.
      H. Operation of the tyre when the remaining tread depth is equal to or less than that of the tread wear indicators.
      I. Poor mounting or dismounting technique, abuse, wilful damage or chemical degradation.
      J. Tyre damage due to incorrect rim fitment.
      K. Operation on a chassis dynamometer.
  6. Due to the many variables which affect tyre life, and which are outside Bridgestone’s control, claims for short tyre-life will not normally be considered.
  7. Tyres which are alleged to cause vehicle vibration must be submitted for inspection with at least 90% of the original tread depth remaining.  The influence of wear variables cannot be fairly assessed after this.
  8. Only Bridgestone Technical Field Service personnel are authorised to accept/reject warranty claims on Bridgestone’s behalf. 
  9. The $1000 payment will be paid as a credit onto the account of commercial customers, or as direct bank account deposit to non-account customers.
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