Duravis Van

Designed, engineered and produced in Europe, DURAVIS Van is ready for the evolving needs of the light commercial segment and is EV-ready with its innovative use of ENLITEN Technology. Developed with the last‑mile delivery market in mind, this new addition to Bridgestone’s range is designed to maximise efficiency by minimising downtime and lowering the total cost of ownership.
Enliten Technology and Maximised Fuel/Energy Efficiency
Excellent Wet and Dry Braking
EV Ready – Long wear-life, Low noise, Low rolling resistance
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Tyre feature Benefit for you
Innovative method of rubber compound mixing Improved control of the chemical reaction in compound mixing, results in a lower rolling resistance compound
Optimised crown shape and void distribution, plus new sipes design Optimised water evacuation and contact patch for strong all-weather performance
Enhanced contact patch technology Promotes long, even wear life as well as reducing noise
Enliten Technology Ultimate optimisation of safety, sustainability and performance
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