5 Legendary Roads In Australia

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5 Legendary Roads In Australia Worth A Road Trip
06 December, 2017
5 Legendary Roads In Australia Worth A Road Trip

Australia's best roads

Discover 5 of Australia's best roads to travel.


Whether you are heading out on the highway, or taking the scenic route, it’s one of the best ways to see the country.

There are thousands of legendary drives around Australia. From winding roads through the hills to scenic cliff-side journeys, these 5 roads prove that, in Australia, getting there really is half the fun.


1. Queenstown to Hobart

Deep within the west coast of Tasmania, this road trip starts on one of Targa Tasmania’s most treacherous bits of road - The 99 Bends. The ragged switchback road winds up soaring cliffs before ducking and weaving through some of Tasmania’s tallest mountain ranges. In winter, the roads can be covered with black ice and require a cautious approach.


2. Macquarie Pass

This 8km section of hill climb along the Illawarra Highway connects either side of Macquarie Pass National Park and offers one of the most engaging, if short, sections of public road in Australia. However, due to its narrow width and lack of lines in some sections, it’s notoriously dangerous, especially during busy times.


3. Mansfield to Whitfield

Although Victoria is full of beautifully curvaceous roads like the awesome Black Spur, they are also usually full of traffic, so this road a little further north is a good pick for a quiet run. The road is well kept and the climb through the hills affords great views, but there’s not much protection between the road and the valley below.


4. Adelaide Hills

There’s plenty of terrific roads that trace Targa Adelaide stages around the Adelaide Hills, but Gorge road is perhaps the highlight. Not far from Adelaide, the road makes its way to a junction between other stage roads. It is winding and narrow in areas, so traffic can be problematic, but the quick turns, bumps and gradient changes make it one of the most enjoyable 18kms in Australia.


5. Brindabella

Who said all great driving roads must be sealed? For those who enjoy a bit of a rally, this 30km stretch of gravel offers long sweeping corners and a well-groomed surface. It’s just one of many sections of unsealed road around Canberra that’s used during official rally events, including Rally of Canberra that started in 1988.


What’s your favourite Australian road for driving? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.
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Planning to travel in Australia and do some Australian road trips? Here are 5 legendary roads in Australia worth a road trip.

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