Bridgestone Unleashes Total Tyre Management

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Bridgestone Australia
Bridgestone Unleashes Total Tyre Management
10 March, 2016
Bridgestone Unleashes Total Tyre Management

Bridgestone has taken its commitment to Australia’s fleet logistics industry to the next level with the launch of its Total Tyre Management program.

The Total Tyre Management program brings together Bridgestone’s comprehensive support offering to the heavy vehicle market, including:

  • The coverage provided by 280 service vehicles, all of which are equipped to support a wide range of on-site services including pressure checks, tread-depth readings and rotations;
  • A Bridgestone and affiliated dealer network in excess of 1,000 stores across Australia;
  • A team of qualified experts, including comprehensively trained tyre fitters and 13 technical engineers, ensuring access to the right level of support whenever it’s needed;
  • Bridgestone’s ETA (Emergency Tyre Assistance) service providing 24/7 emergency support through a 1300 number;
  • A central invoicing system, providing one easily manageable statement;
  • Online access to vehicle fleet data and reports via B-Fleet, which provides insights into monthly tyre usage and cents-per-kilometre, individual vehicle cost analysis and more; and
  • A clear commitment to the environment, which in turn strengthens the environmental credibility of Bridgestone customers.

“We have a long and proud history of supporting
Australian fleets and our Total Tyre Management
program is testament to that”

Andrew Moffatt

Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director

Bridgestone Unleashes Total Tyre Management

“We believe we have the most complete offering to support fleets in running their businesses efficiently and profitably through technology – such as our B-fleet management software – and our physical presence, epitomised by the market-leading intelligence of our support staff and dealer network.”

While Total Tyre Management is committed to supporting fleets in the efficient use of tyres, Mr Moffatt said Bridgestone’s advantage extended across each part of the process – leading up to purchase and beyond.

“No other tyre brand can match Bridgestone’s global strength, our research and development and our specific in-country testing to ensure the products that we offer to the Australian market are ideally suited to our unique conditions,” he said.


Mr Moffatt said Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Management program would continue to evolve.

“We are always looking for ways to improve, not only in our product offering but also our service,” he said.

“Identifying areas in which improvements can be made not only increases our level of service to our customers but is reflected in the efficiency of their business. When they win, we win – and that’s our goal.”

For more information about Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Management program click here.

Case Study

Bridgestone: helping TNT deliver every place, every time

With a fleet in excess of 2,100 vehicles featuring everything from one-tonne vans through to B‑doubles across 60 locations nationwide, TNT is the very definition of a big business.

And, according to TNT’s Kurt Grossrieder, that’s why Bridgestone’s comprehensive support offering has been so important.


“In 2015, our fleet covered more than 40 million kilometres, so whole of life tyre management is absolutely critical in keeping our operations as efficient as possible,” said Kurt, who is TNT’s National Fleet and Equipment Manager.


“We run Bridgestone tyres on the steer and Bandag retreads in every other position to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in terms of our tyres.”


“We’ve been partnering with Bridgestone for about eight years. They deliver a full service from the get-go, frequently attending our depots, constantly monitoring our fleet and making recommendations about what to change and when. Whenever we have an issue like a puncture or any other kind of problem, they always respond really quickly, day or night no matter where we are.” “From our point of view, we also really appreciate that, from an administration perspective, we are dealing with one point of contact and we receive one invoice. Their internal systems are excellent.”


“We’re very happy with the relationship and very happy with the service. The whole offering really does make a difference to our business.”

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Bridgestone has taken its commitment to Australia’s fleet logistics industry to the next level with the
launch of its Total Tyre Management program.

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