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Bridgestone Australia
Bridgestone M788 and R168
16 March, 2016
Bridgestone M788 and R168 – Designed to Deliver

Our M788 steer and R168 trailer tyres have been specifically designed to suit Australia’s unique conditions and, like all Bridgestone products, tested to within an inch of their lives.


That’s why we’re so confident in their ability to handle a broad range of applications.


Offering significant improvements across the board, the M788 replaced Bridgestone’s highly successful M748 steer tyre. Its deep tread depth delivers long wear life, while the tread pattern resists irregular wear. A better, more cut-chip resistant compound offers improved ability both on‑road and off‑road.


Prior to its official release, the M788 was extensively tested by Bridgestone customers in remote and regional locations across the country.

“We tested the product in on and off-road
applications in mining regions in Western Australia,
Queensland and the Northern Territory,”

Jon Tamblyn

Bridgestone Australia’s National Technical Field Service Manager.

“We have seen some outstanding results, particularly in terms of wear life when compared against the preceding tyre and the competition. In each instance, we were comparing the M788 against our M748 and competitor steer tyres and the M788 outperformed every one of them.” 


The R168 trailer tyre also offers longer wear life, along with improved durability and retreadability, as proven by highway fleets running on major interstate routes.


“The wear life test results have been outstanding. In every test we have conducted against our main competitor tyre, the R168 has come out on top,” Jon said.


“The mileage of the R168 has been huge – in fact, in one application the R168 gave a projected wear life of 350,000 kilometres in a drop-deck trailer application.”


“We believe the Bridgestone R168 is the ultimate trailer tyre for wear life.”


Bridgestone’s M788 and R168 tyres are available nationally, so what are you waiting for?


Find out more information about the Bridgestone R168 here.

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We’re hugely confident in the abilities of our M788 steer tyres and R168 trailer tyres because, like all Bridgestone products, they’ve been tested to within an inch of their lives. 

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