OE vs. Aftermarket Tyres - What’s the Difference?

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OE vs. Aftermarket Tyres - What’s the Difference?
16 June, 2016
OE vs. Aftermarket Tyres - What’s the Difference?

As much as we like the sound of picking up a new 4WD and driving it straight off the beaten track, the reality is you probably won’t get very far.

Tyres fitted as original equipment (OE) on even the toughest looking vehicles generally aren’t designed for off-road use, no matter what brand they are.

Why? Because OE tyres are developed to meet the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, with a focus on comfort, fuel efficiency, on road handling, on road wear life and a quiet ride.

Certain tyres in the Dueler range have been specifically designed with these requirements in mind – so it’s no surprise they’re popular OE choices.

If you’re a fan of staying on road they’re great picks, but if you’re planning a trip to the Bridle Track in NSW or Gibb River Road in WA, OE tyres just won’t cut it. You need to invest in an aftermarket tyre that will stand up to tough terrain.

The Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697 is the ultimate all terrain tyre. Featuring enhanced puncture resistance, cut and chip resistance, durability and long wear life, it’s an ideal choice for those lucky enough to head off-road on a regular basis.

And for those whose preference is tackling thick, sloppy mud, a good mud terrain tyre is what you need to deliver excellent off-road traction, stability and steering response.

So if you’re planning on buying a new 4WD and want to take it off-road, make sure you look at investing in a quality set of aftermarket tyres.

You won’t find them fitted on vehicles direct from the dealership, but when you’re halfway to nowhere in the middle of the Australian bush – you’ll find aftermarket tyres are well worth the investment.


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What are the main differences between OE and aftermarket tyres? Find out the facts before you decide which tyre is right for your 4WD or SUV. 

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