Camping Tips from 4WD Action’s Camping Pro

Graham Cahill
Graham Cahill
Camping Tips from 4WD Action’s Camping Pro
17 November, 2016

When setting up for a short overnighter, Australian 4WD Action’s Graham Cahill likes to keep things pretty simple.


He says you only really need to think about three things:

1. Check the ground to make sure there’s nothing underneath your swag that will hurt it – or you!

2. Watch out for slopes or risk waking up squashed against one side of your swag.

3. Sleep out in the open to avoid a branch dropping on your head in the middle of the night.


If you’re a camping nut, you’ll agree that the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have is under the stars. Once you’re set up, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy!

Do you have any top camping tips? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Graham Cahill
If you're planning a short overnighter, check out these camping tips from Australian 4WD Action’s Graham Cahill. 

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