At Bridgestone, by taking every opportunity to re-invent, we strive to enhance business value and make them more economically viable.

Enliten Technology

Reducing fuel and operational costs with less material use and lower wear maintenance.

The outcome of ENLITEN Technology is to deliver excellent performance with no compromise on safety or control. Its core feature of Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) results in multiple benefits, including less carbon emissions.

For customers, ENLITEN Technology tyres are pocket-friendly, ensuring some 20% lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost.

Enliten Technology
For fleet owners, lower cost not only comes from lower maintenance fleet costs but also slower wear rates and the competitive advantage of tyre retreading in volume. All of these have significant cost savings and reduced overall operational costs.


Retreading for more competitive pricing and better tyre durability for commercial fleet savings.

Retreading, a process that gives tyres new life not only serves as an important tool for sustainability, it also delivers cost-efficiencies upfront.

How do we reduce cost per kilometre travelled? Firstly, Bridgestone’s long tyre life is down primarily to durable construction and good resistance to irregular wear.

When it is time to retread, our robust casings and original tyre excellence combined with Bandag’s world-leading retread process are ideal to extend tyre life. In fact, retreaded tyres – which cost less to produce compared to new tyres – can even outlast some brand-new tyres, without any loss of quality or safety.

Retreading, as a result, ensures lower price points, prolongs tyre use and delays replacement – making it a combination that is embraced by those who want to save on fleet operations.


Saving man-hour costs and vehicle downtime with predictive technology.

Whether operating a single vehicle or an entire fleet, cost efficiency is important to optimise business profitability. TIREMATICS data tracks tyre pressure and temperature to ensure optimum operation levels for tyres.

Properly-diagnosed tyres, for example, not only enhance safety and fuel efficiency, they also extend tyre life. With predictive maintenance there is a reduction in tyre inspection and maintenance workloads, cutting back on downtime traditionally associated with manual tyre inspections and saving considerable man-hours. All these have significant cost implications, both for drivers and fleet operators.

Through regular tyre monitoring too, tyres can be sent to retread when they reach the optimal tread depth – maximising the retread tyre life and optimising the economic value of all tyres.

Finally, with easy access to tyre data, Bridgestone is able to use the data collected as a basis for research to develop even better quality subsequent models at optimal cost.
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