By using resources prudently, we’re playing our part in addressing scarcity concerns of the mobility industry.

Transition to Renewable Energy

Investing in renewable energy sources like solar energy, in our path to mitigate resource depletion.
At Bridgestone, we recognise the need for preservation, as continued extraction of Earth’s limited resources has stark consequences on climate change and global warming.

Going beyond fossil fuel reliance, Bridgestone sees immense potential in harnessing Earth’s largest infinite source of energy – the sun. The solar energy investment is immense, but with Bridgestone’s determination to travel the path of resource preservation, it is a journey we are firmly aligned with.

Transition to Renewable Energy
Our range of solar projects in the region and beyond underscores our commitment to sustainability, with Bridgestone maintaining high scores in Environmental and Social Governance areas and benchmarks of the global FTSE4Good Index Series.

Although the automotive industry is perceived to be one of the biggest users of limited natural resources, Bridgestone practises the converse, believing in a circular economy which looks to clean alternatives such as biomass fuel, hydrogen, ammonia, and of course, solar. Together with car manufacturers, we aim to optimise renewables to minimise our carbon footprint.

Enliten Technology

Optimal resource usage, less wastage of finite resources – the key steps to delivering ‘enlightened’ tyres.

With Earth’s finite sources facing depletion, it is imperative to focus on renewability, accelerate material circulatory and contribute to resource productivity.

ENLITEN Technology applied on our tyres allows for a significant reduction in raw material usage in the manufacturing process for both combustion and electric cars.

Enliten Technology
For our tie-up with NIO in China for example, ENLITEN Technology reduces raw material usage in the tyre production process, while helping the NIO ET7 electric car reach an astonishing 1,000km on a single charge.

In other instances, we have also teamed up with manufacturers such as Lightyear, Nissan, Mercedes and Volkswagen to achieve enviable driving distances powered by our ENLITEN Technology. These feats of longer distances travelled more efficiently not only have fuel saving implications for combustion vehicles, they also achieve extended battery life for electric vehicles. Either way, they mitigate valuable fossil fuel depletion from the environment.

ENLITEN Technology also boosts material circularity through retreading for truck and bus tyres to preserve resources and deliver improved wear rate, with no compromise to safety and performance. All this helps Bridgestone take big strides towards maximising resource use and enhancing the future of mobility.


Adopting tyre retreading as a holistic means to manage scarcity by recycling and conserving resources.

At Bridgestone, we actively search for solutions to overcome land and resource degradation, depletion and scarcity. Our retreading of tyres – where tyres are given a new lease of life instead of being replaced by new tyres – is a big step towards being more sustainable.

In retreading, up to 75% of our tyre material is recycled and reused through a sustainable production process. In 2021 alone, the use of Bandag retreads saved over 94 million gallons of oil, 186 million pounds of tyre waste – enough to power 168 million homes for a day.*

As natural resource extraction takes a heavy toll on Earth, we are conducting experimental trials on recycled materials to reduce our dependence on other raw materials – including synthetic rubber. All such efforts are aligned to our Long-Term Environmental Vision 2050 of valuing natural resources and using more sustainable materials.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Proving solar power as a viable, clean alternative energy source for the mobility industry.

With the depletion of finite resources like fossil fuels, preserving our environment needs innovative solutions that harness renewable energy to keep the world moving – and with less cost to future generations.

As the world’s premier solar-powered event, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is uniquely positioned to promote technological innovation and the development of alternative renewable energy to lower our reliance on non-renewable resources. Progressive successes over the years bear testimony to the viability of solar power in the mobility industry.

The BWSC offers a veritable proving ground for how different facets of future mobility can be leveraged, while preserving our limited resources. It challenges current conventions and demonstrates the potential for ground-breaking sustainable mobility technologies. Lightyear One – the longest range solar powered vehicle borne out of the World Solar Challenge – is testimony of the viability of solar as an alternative source.

By drawing attention to – and amplifying the message of – the need to adopt cleaner renewable resources, Bridgestone is championing the call for innovative solutions to address the planet’s scarcity problems.
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