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For tractors, harvesters, loggers and ride-on garden mowers

No matter where you work, you can trust our tyres to get you through your day. Our comprehensive range of heavy-duty agricultural tyres will help you get the job done, no matter the conditions. We listen to our customers, are committed to developing and delivering the tyre you need, for all applications. You’ll find many of our tyres fitted as original equipment on both locally made and imported farming and agricultural equipment.

On garden mowers

Tyres made for your workday

Our premium radial tractor tyres deliver even wear, long life, a smooth ride and superior traction. We have a comprehensive range of bias tractor tyres built to perform as both replacements and original equipment.

Built for all types of terrain

Our tyres are designed to give you control and stability no matter the terrain, from climbing a hillside to moving along the highway. From positive steering, to long life endurance, we build tyres that deliver both in and out of the field. We even offer a tyre for self-powered implements.

Caring for your crops and gardens

We know how important it is that our tyres take care of your crops and greenery. 
Our agricultural flotation and garden tractor tyres are designed to minimize ground disturbance and soil compaction, without compromising traction under heavy loads. Similarly, our forestry range is designed to give greater protection against cuts and tears, and includes tyres with wide footprints for maximum flotation on soft ground.

Your conditions covered

We cover all working conditions – from wet fields to forestry plantations to sandy soils. Our tyres are fit for any task, from pulling mobile irrigation equipment through fields, to working on the airport tarmac or park maintenance. Wherever you work, we have a reliable, tough tyre to suit.
  • Traction Master

    Bridgestone Traction Master

    Garden tractor

  • Farm Service Lug-F

    Farm Service Lug-F

    Farm service

  • Farm Service Lug-H

    Farm Service Lug-H

    Rear axle farm service

  • Farm Service Lug-M

    Farm Service Lug-M

    Front axle MFWD farm service

  • Farm Service Lug 15

    Farm Service Lug-15

    Farm service

  • Farm Service Lug-16

    Farm Service Lug-16

    Farm service

  • Farm Service Lug-17

    Farm Service Lug-17

    Rear axle farm service

  • Farm Service Lug-18

    Farm Service Lug-18

    Rear axle farm service

  • Farm Service Lug-19

    Farm Service Lug-19

    Rear axle farm service

  • Farm Service Diamond

    Farm Service Diamond

    Rear axle lawn mower

  • Farm Service Rib

    Farm Service Rib

    Small agricultural tractor

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