Bridgestone Rivals - Race to the top

Ready to ignite your love for speed? Presented by Bridgestone and Forza Motorsport, Race to the Top is an exclusive, time attack event!

Edge out the competition as you take on the famed Hakone Grand Prix in the coveted Lamborghini Huracán STO.

Mark your dates as the race starts on 20 June 2024!


Bridgestone Rivals:

Race to the Top

10:00am (AEST) 20 June - 9:59am (AEST) 11 July 2024

Head to the starting grid now and flaunt your skills, as victory awaits the fastest contenders. Race to the Top of the Leaderboard at the Hakone Grand Prix behind-the-wheel of the Lamborghini Huracán STO. Unlock the exclusive, in-game Bridgestone Racing Suit and the top racer will win the world's only gaming chair with massage worth up to USD$1,000. 

Race Track: Hakone Grand Prix
No of Lap: 1 Lap

Forza 1

How to participate in Bridgestone Rivals

Card 3
*Game Pass refers to a paid subscription that enables players to play online on either Xbox or PC or both. Visit to subscribe or find out more.

Participating Regions

Bridgestone : Race to the Top competition is only available for eligible residents residing in the following


New Zealand







South Korea

Grand Prize

The world's only gaming chair with massage from OSIM

OSIM uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair

Designed for gamers, witness the extraordinary synergy of gaming ergonomics and remarkable massage to unleash your inner power and overcome epic challenges. Slot in massage sessions between game sessions to knead away body aches and stay laser-focused in your next battle.

Forza 2
*The Grand Prize will be given to the fastest racer in each participating location. Only registered racers on can qualify. The exact prize/model may vary from countries, depending on availability. Subject to change at Bridgestone's sole discretion.

Hakone Grand Prix

The Hakone Grand Prix is surrounded by the sublime beauty of the Japanese countryside on the shores of Lake Ashi. It is a futuristic showcase for flat-out speeds with long straights, wide turns, and a few heavy braking zones: a motorsports mecca, built to host every level of racing, with a spectacular view of Mount Fuji.

Forza 3

Lamborghini Huracan STO

Ultimate driving machine for the ultimate racer
Designed to thrill and conquer, the Lamborghini Huracán STO hails as one of the most powerful rear-wheel drive with advanced aerodynamics and track-tuned suspensions. Tuned for any racetracks, its maximum downforce, high-performance tyres and motorsport-grade brakes make for exceptional handling. Time to buckle up and set new highs to your track performance.

Forza 4
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