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D694LT Testimonials

Read what the experts are saying about the D694LT. 

 D694 Testiimonial - Adventure 4WD

   David Wilson - Off Road Expert puts the Dueler D694LT to the Test

   Ric Williams - Duelers tough technology passes another Test

   Fred Wright - Dueler D694LT all Wright for Fred

Theo Nel - Owner Birdsville Auto 

In a country like this, the guys who fix tyre have seen it all - holes, rips, disintegration.
Theo Nel has run Birdsville Auto for seven years, helping drivers who've felt the wrath of the Stony Desert.  With all that experience Theo now only sells one brand of tyre. Bridgestone.
"I stock it because I believe it's the best and I want my customers to have the best."

Theo Nel - Owner of Birdville Auto
Theo Nel.