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Launched in 2005, the "Think Before You Drive" safety campaign focuses on simple road safety messages to help reduce road deaths, globally estimated at 1.2 million a year. The campaign partners; Bridgestone Corporation and the FIA Foundation, share the common goal of improving global road safety.

For Bridgestone Corporation, the campaign is an extension of the tyre safety educational activities that the Bridgestone Group companies conduct on a global scale.

For the FIA Foundation, the campaign builds on recent successful seat belt campaigning in Europe and Latin America.

Always use a Child SeatAlways Use a Seat Belt
Adjust Your HeadrestCheck Your Tyre Condition

Download the Think Before you Drive Booklet (PDF)



For full details about the campaign please visit the official websites:

Think Before You Drive
(FIA Foundation campaign website with facts, downloads, global road safety news and other road safety resources)

Think Before You Drive Launch in Australia
Featuring F1 Gran Prix driver driver Mark Webber

Schumacher and Barrichello Think Before They Drive
Ferrari Formula One stars Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello have teamed up for a new race: a race to save lives on the road.

Australian Partners Links Think Before You Drive Australian Road saftey partners.

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