Bridgestone R225

For highway and metro use as a steer tyre on rigid trucks and a trailer tyre on articulated trucks.



  • Irregular wear resistance
  • 275/80R22.5 size can be used as an entry level steer tyre


  • Commonly used as a trailer tyre on tankers
izeLI / SS
ODOWOTDRevs/KmApproved RimsMax Load Capacity @825kPa
Single / Dual
225/80R17.5 123/122L80320321.04126.00 - 6.75
225/90R17.5 127/125L 85522012.43886.00 - 6.751750/1650*
275/70R22.5 151/148J101927514.03247., 825, 9 3280/2995

*At 700kPa