News Release - Turanza ER592 - A New Standard in Tyres

News Release - Turanza ER592 - A New Standard in Tyres

Imagine a tyre that maintains near-new grip after thousands of kilometres of driving.
A tyre that continues to out-grip conventional tyres throughout its life.
This tyre - Bridgestone's all new Turanza ER592 - is about to hit Australian roads.

  The Turanza ER592
The Turanza ER592

Delivering market-leading performance and safety at an attractive price, the Bridgestone Turanza ER592 is one of the most impressive and exciting innovations in touring tyre technology for decades.
The Turanza ER592 is suited to a wide variety of cars, from small vehicles such as Hyundai Excel and Toyota Corolla right up to Ford Fairlane and Holden Statesman.
The ER592 is the first locally made touring tyre to incorporate the major benefits of Bridgestone's leading-edge AQ Donuts technology.
The result is an outstanding tyre that retains virtually the same level of grip as the day it was fitted, even after many kilometres of normal driving.
'The secret lies in the AQ Donuts Dual Layer Tread technology. As the top layer wears, a second, higher grip tread base rubber is progressively revealed,' said Burkhard Kabelitz, Bridgestone's National Technical Field Service & Product Planning Manager.
'Consequently, outstanding performance is maintained in wet or dry conditions even when the tyre is part worn,' he said.
'Not only does the tyre start with a grip level significantly higher than conventional tyres, it is also designed to perform right up to its ultimate use-by date.'
At a recent wet-weather testing session, a VZ Commodore fitted with Turanza ER592 was able to stop a full two metres shorter from 100 km/h than the same car fitted with conventional tyres. As the tyres wore, the difference only became greater. In the worn tyre test, the ER592 tyres beat the same conventional tyres by a full 4.7 metres, a life saving difference.
The Turanza ER592 features the various benefits of Bridgestone's AQ Donuts technology including L.L. Carbon - which delivers superior wear resistance and AQ Compound - formulated to minimise the hardening of tread rubber, thus providing more consistent performance in the wet.
Now available in 70, 65 and 60 series sizes with a proposed size expansion to include 55 series by 2006, Turanza ER592 can be purchased from the experts at all Bridgestone Tyre Centres.

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