ECOPIA - Feedback from Bridgestone Customers


Feedback to Make the Competition Green with Envy


Since its launch in 2009, Bridgestone ECOPIA has set the benchmark for low-rolling resistance tyres in Australia, delivering class-leading levels of vehicle fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

In fact, feedback from Bridgestone customers across the country continues to affirm Ecopia's reputation as a class-leading tyre.

A recent voice of customer survey - which was done on a sample of customers who purchased Ecopia tyres through one of Bridgestone's retail outlets - confirmed the following results:

  • - 93% of Ecopia customers have already re-purchased Ecopia or are likely to;
  • - 90.5% are likely to recommend the product;
  • - 94.5% are satisfied with the braking performance;
  • - 91.8% are satisfied with cornering performance;
  • - 87.7% think Ecopia represents good value for money; and
  • - 93.2% are satisfied with the overall performance and value of their Ecopia tyres

The good news is the release of the new Bridgestone Ecopia PZ-X means the best has just got even better. The Ecopia PZ-X builds on the success of the original with a number of additional enhancements and looks set to ensure the Ecopia success story continues.

Ecopia Fuel Savings Facts

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