New Bridgestone 'Drive Green' Documentary

Bridgestone "Drive Green" Documentary on National Geographic Channel


Tips on green driving techniques and technologies are being seen on television screens in 315 million homes across the world - thanks to Bridgestone and the National Geographic Channel.

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Bridgestone has partnered with the National Geographic Channel to co-produce a mini-documentary series called Drive Green which is aimed at inspiring consumers to change the way they drive to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

Topics covered in the three-episode series include the development of new fuels, tips on efficient driving techniques as well as a feature on low-rolling resistance tyre technology - as found in the new Bridgestone Ecopia range recently released in Australia.

"Bridgestone has a strong track record of educating motorists to think green through our support of initiatives such as the FIA's Make Cars Green program and our development of low-rolling resistance tyre technology," said Andrew Moffatt, Bridgestone Australia Ltd Senior Executive.

"The Drive Green program is another important milestone in our ongoing campaign to educate motorists about the crucial role tyres play in the impact their vehicle has on the environment."

Co-produced by Bridgestone, the first Drive Green segments aired across 166 countries worldwide in March. However, all three episodes can be viewed by audiences in Australia and New Zealand at

"We are delighted Bridgestone has chosen National Geographic Channel as its global media partner to promote the company's CSR initiative through the National Geographic Channel network," said Jonathan Ellis from National Geographic Channels Asia.

"Green living is a new lifestyle attitude, and Drive Green will definitely become a new motto for consumers."

Bridgestone also supports National Geographic Channel in the US and Canada in its Earth Day campaign.