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Dueler D697 Tyres - Tough Enough to bring you Back

Tested in Australia’s most challenging conditions, the all new Dueler D697 LT redefines 4WD  performance.

• Enhanced puncture resistance
• Extended wear life
• A quiet, comfortable ride on any terrain

And because it’s Dueler, it’s still tough enough to bring you back.

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When considering the best tyre for your off-road adventures, it pays to have an expert on your side. So when testing the brand new Bridgestone Dueler D697 LT, we enlisted an outback 4WD legend – Allan Whiting. Allan’s passion is off-road adventuring and he’s been writing about and testing 4WD tyres for over 30 years.

To put the all new Dueler D697 LTs to the ultimate test, Allan put together a gruelling itinerary, with plenty of off-road action and lengthy highway driving at speed. Setting off from Adelaide, Allan and the Bridgestone team took three 4WDs fitted out with Duelers up to Alice Springs, around the notoriously harsh West MacDonnell Ranges, and back again. Tackling gravel and sandy roads, riverbeds and sharp stony tracts, what they found was that Australia’s favourite 4WD tyre takes tough to a whole new level.

The Trek - Articles

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When we hit the road, the first thing I noticed was the D697 LT’s ride quality. Despite being built with heavy-duty light truck construction and running recommended full load pressures, they rode as comfortably as passenger car rated tyres. Another unexpected feature was the low road-noise level.

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When it came to testing the Dueler D697 LTs enhanced puncture resistance we found that 
the tyre was more than ready to meet any challenge.

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Throughout our testing, the Dueler D697 LT delivered a quiet and smooth ride on bitumen, and even after navigating huge tracts of sharp and stony country, suffered almost no signs of tread damage.

The Trek - Videos

The Trek Videos - Testing the D697 plus 4X4 Tyre Tips

Allan Whiting joins one of our tyre engineers on a trek to the centre of Australia testing the Dueler D697 and at the same time presenting a range of handy tyre tips off road enthusiasts should not miss.