Bridgestone Australia Ltd. OH&S Policy Statement

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand is committed to the supply of quality products and services which meet or exceed customer expectations and are committed to carry this out in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. This policy applies to all persons accessing Bridgestone workplaces.

We are committed to maintaining responsible occupational health, safety, injury management and environmental Management systems through continuous improvement.

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for workers, officers and visitors.
  • Establishing and maintaining an environmental management system aligned with the Bridgestone Corporation Environmental Mission Statement and focused on continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Establishing and maintaining measurable objectives and targets across the organisation.
  • Recognising the requirement for continuous improvement of environmental, injury prevention and injury management programs with the goal of achieving the highest possible standards.
  • Undertaking hazard and risk management activities to ensure hazards and risks to health, safety and the environment are identified, assessed and, where they cannot be eliminated, are controlled effectively.
  • Providing effective claims management and rehabilitation assistance aimed at supporting injured employees through their period of illness or injury and then promoting optimal recovery and a safe return to work (where possible in the event of a work related injury).
  • Demonstrating leadership delegated from the Managing Director through the executives and senior management team, to ensure all employees are aware of, and compliant with, their identified responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Utilising an effective communication and consultation framework to provide relevant information to all staff, contractors and visitors, promoting a safety culture within all business operations.
  • Ensuring health, safety and environmental factors are considered in the design, planning and conduct of all business activities.
  • Operating in accordance with the provisions of the legislative requirements of the jurisdictions where Bridgestone operates as a minimum.
  • The development, implementation, management and recognition of, and training in, other organisational policies and procedures where relevant.
  • The utilisation of appropriate internal and/or external expertise where required in all related activities.
  • Providing a supportive and non-bullying work environment for any persons in our workplace.

This policy statement is available to all interested parties and will be subject to regular review.