History of Bridgestone Australia 1980-1984

Company History

History of Bridgestone Australia


1980 - December 23rd. Bridgestone Tire Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, purchases Uniroyal Incorporated's, now 60.4% equity in Uniroyal Holdings Ltd.

1981 - Uniroyal in Australia changes its name to Bridgestone Holdings Ltd. with the operating company becoming Bridgestone Australia Pty. Ltd.

1981 - Annual sales exceed $100 million.

1982 - The first Bridgestone brand tyre is manufactured at the Salisbury Tyre Plant.

1982 - Automotive parts manufacture is now consolidated at Edwardstown and Dandenong becomes the consumer products manufacturing centre with furniture, bathroom ware and underlay.

1982 - Bridgestone Holdings Ltd. and its operating company, Bridgestone Australia Pty. Ltd., are restructured into a single listed company, Bridgestone Australia Ltd.

1982 - Bridgestone acquires the Marubeni chain of tyre stores.

1983 - The Bridgestone 65 Series Super Cat is launched.

1984 - The first Bridgestone steel monoply truck tyre is made in Australia.