History of Bridgestone Australia 1970-1976

Company History

History of Bridgestone Australia

1972 - The now famous Steel Cat, Australia's first steel radial ply tyre, is launched.

1972 - A second Tredaire rubber carpet underlay line is commissioned at Dandenong.

1973 - The Wild Cat, 70 series, high performance steel radial is launched.

1974 - High resilient cold cure urethane foam automotive seats are moulded in Dandenong: another Australian first.

1975 - Australia's first steel radial light truck tyre is manufactured at Salisbury, South Australia.

1976 - Salisbury Tyre Plant now manufactures one million steel radial ply tyres per annum and has made over 3 million steel radials in total.

 The original Steel Cat set the standard
for Australian tyre manufacturers in 1972
and became the generic name for steel
radial ply tyres in Australia.

The vacuum heaters: Rubber car
mats were a major product for
Edwardstown until the mid Seventies.