History of Bridgestone Australia 1960-1968

Company History

History of Bridgestone Australia

1960 - As a result of corporate restructuring, S.A. Rubber Holdings Ltd., becomes the public listed company and the operating company becomes S.A. Rubber Mills Pty. Ltd.

1962 - Negotiations commence between S.A. Rubber Mills and the US Rubber Corporation to establish a tyre manufacturing plant in South Australia.

1963 - US Rubber acquires a 25% interest in S.A. Rubber and planning for a 6,500,000 pound tyre plant at Salisbury, South Australia, commences.

1964 - Construction of the Salisbury tyre plant begins.

1965 - The first tyre is manufactured at Salisbury.

1967 - The Tiger Paw range of tyres is launched.

1968 - More than 2,000 are now employed.

 In 1965, Chairman of Directors, M.R. Lodge,
Director of Supply, W.W. Pinkham
and Managing Director, R.A. Footner
proudly display the first tyre
manufactured by the company.

 On the 1st September, 1967,
the Tiger Paws were launched:
the beginning of the company's
success in the Tyre Industry.