Forestry CRC



Designed specifically for logging service.

  • 23° tread bars are 25% deeper at center, and up to 42% thicker than regular agricultural tyres, to give longer wear and greater protection against cuts, snags, and tears.*
  • Multiple steel cord belts under the tread for exceptional resistance to punctures, cuts, and impacts.

  • Nylon cord body for protection against impacts and resistance to moisture.

  • Thick sidewall and tread rubber for resistance to cuts, snags, tears and impacts.

  • Heavy duty bead-and-rim protector helps prevent debris from lodging between rim and bead.

  • Upgraded to keep pace with the rigors of high horsepower / high capacity logging equipment in such areas as rim to tyre slip resistance; tread separation resistance; and stick penetration resistance.

  • The standard of the logging industry.

    * Compared to Traction Field & Road tyre.

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