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225/50R17 94V
Fitment and Wheel Balancing
Manufacturer's Warranty
Sustainable old tyres disposal
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The Ecopia EP300 is engineered for superior performance, giving you better safety and increased savings. Using low rolling resistance technology to consume less fuel to power the tyre forward, the EP300 offers a saving for your back pocket and the environment.
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Advanced wet handling
  • Excellent braking response
  • Strong wear resistance
  • Quiet ride
*Conditions apply. Read full terms and conditions.
Tyre feature Benefit for you
Nano Pro-Tech rubber Minimises energy loss to improve rolling resistance and therefore fuel efficiency
Optimised crown shape Better rolling resistance, wet grip and wear life
Tread block chamfering Boosts braking performance by preventing block deformation
Deeper lug depth Enhances durability, increased wear resistance
Inner shoulder links Large links between inner shoulder lugs provide quiet ride and prevent irregular wear

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Fitment and Wheel Balancing
Road Hazard Warranty
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