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Dueler D694LT All Wright for Fred

When Bridgestone released the Dueler D694 LT onto the Australian market, respected 4WD motoring journalists were quick to praise its outstanding puncture resistance and superior levels of wet and dry grip both on and off-road.

  Fread Wright with the D694
  Fred Wright, Landcruiser and D694Lts

But media reports are one thing. What really counts is how the tyre performs day in, day out, in the harsh Australian environment. And the good news is that rave reviews are still coming in.

Fred Wright is an off-road veteran who's driven dozens of tyre brands over the years across the toughest tracks in Australia. He recently fitted a set of 265/75R16 123R Dueler D694LTs with Bridgestone's light truck construction technology to his 80-Series Landcruiser and is glowing in his praise.

"The D694 LT has superb on-road capability and good control off-road," he says.

"The tyres have really transformed the way the vehicle handles. They offer more grip, response and driver feedback. It's almost like you've had some suspension work done."

Armed with his Duelers, Fred has tackled Sofala and Hill End in Northern NSW. He's travelled from Sydney to Birdsville, the Simpson Desert, Popples Corner and along the Hay River track in the Northern Territory. Most recently, he travelled to NT again to investigate Cape Crawford and some of the sites of the North East of the Territory.

"The D694LT helped me feel a lot more confident in dirt cornering. The tyre is very progressive into oversteer, which gives the driver a lot of good feedback," Fred says.

"I think the Duelers also offer better braking and lower noise than the American brand I was previously using. There's also far better wet grip - when braking into corners with my last set of tyres, I would often need to back off to avoid locking up but I'm having no such trouble with the Bridgestones."

The Dueler 694 LT features a range of tough technology including:

  • - A deeper tread depth for superior puncture resistance and better wear life (up to 30% deeper than Passenger Duelers including all terrain and highway terrain products);
  • - Thicker under-tread rubber giving greater protection against sharp objects, such as rocks, stones and sticks;
  • - Heavy duty carcass reinforcing cord for higher load carrying capability; and
  • - Heavy gauge steel belt cords for greater puncture resistance.

Fred Wright has been so happy with the Duelers that he recommended them to a mate - who, funnily enough, is called Fred White.

"He travelled with me on the last 6,000 kilometres up to Cape Crawford and he's also been very impressed with the tyres.

"We've also both been very pleased with the D694 LT's resistance to tread chipping. The new Duelers haven't shown any signs of tread chipping or chunking, which can be a problem with other tyre brands." 

With the tread barely worn after the first 15,000 kilometres there's obviously plenty of life left in Fred's D694 LTs. And although he's happy to make a lot of noise about the Duelers, he's even happier that the same can't be said for the tyres.

"They're very quiet both at freeway and suburban speeds," he says.

"In fact, they're so much quieter than what I was previously running that the neighbours don't even hear me coming down the street!"